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About T. Wynn

T. Wynn is a celebrated author, with three phenomenal books under her belt, and a fourth underway. Her first book "Make Sure Your Love Is Bigger Than Your Wedding!"  Is a book that was put on heart by God to write.  She is passionate about seeing people in loving and healthy relationships, and she knows that God wants people to experience the same type of relationship.  This along with the fact that she has been married for over 18 years to her wonderful and supportive husband, is the reason this book was published and made available to all.

Her second book is fictional but deals with another real problem in society today.  That is materialism and the length that some will go to obtain the latest and greatest.  This book also deals with trust and forgiveness, something that we all can relate too.

For her next book project, she assisted her son in writing his first book "Green Is The Thing! Money Management For Kids".  Their goal is to help kids get an early start on understanding and managing money.  The majority of children do not learn about money, banking, and investing in school, so this book will help give them a better understanding of these subjects.

She now also has a radio show  "The Dish On Reality" with her sister Tonia, that airs every Monday at 9am on Love860 in Atlanta.  They dish on the latest food news and have some of the top chefs and restauranteurs in the studio for phenomenal interviews.

T. Wynn resides in Georgia with her husband and son.  She is available for speaking events and marriage seminars, where she will share her knowledge and experience. Please click on the contact button to reach her and like her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.