The follow up to "Label Girl (Who Are You Wearing?)" is a page turner.  It has been three years since Tammy and Carlton said "I do".  Just when they thought everything was perfect in their marriage, Tammy's secrets from her past come back to light.  While Tammy is going through her own drama, her friend Kimberly is starting to come into her own and wants to become a household name like her husband.

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Tammy is a beautiful and successful marketing executive at one of the top firms in Atlanta.  She loves the high end lifestyle that she lives.  From Gucci to Prada, she has them all and more, and is willing to neglect her love life and family to keep her upscale status.  That is until she runs into the handsome Carlton Harris, who helps teaches her there is more to life than wearing expensive items.  Their romance is great until she starts to learn of some of his secrets.  While dealing with her own relationship drama, she is still there for her friend Kimberly, who she thought had the perfect life, until an affair is exposed and threatens to ruin to her million dollar lifestyle.  




 Are you and your mate ready for that walk down the aisle?  I know that you have that dream wedding mapped out in your head, but is your current mate the right one?  You will be able to answer these questions and more after reading this book.  It is a quick guide on what values a relationship should have, and what issues should be discussed before you take those vows.

This great book which was co-written with her son Tyrik, gives kids great tips on how to make, save, and be giving with their money.  There is also a glossary to help with the many financial words, that many kids may not be familiar with, and helpful websites that they will need to help them get on the right financial path.

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